Automation1 XC2 PWM Digital Drive


Design Features

  • Part of Aerotech's Automation1 Precision Motion Control Platform
  • Compatible with A3200 version 6.04 and newer
  • HyperWire® fiber-optic interface
  • 10 A peak output current
  • Drive brush, brushless, voice coil, or stepper motors
  • Safe torque off (STO) safety circuit
  • Drive array consisting of 4 million 32-bit elements
  • Includes single-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO)
  • Optional I/O expansion board
  • Optional 16K encoder multiplier for amplified sine wave encoders up to 200 kHz
  • High resolution digital current, velocity, and position loops
  • CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive
The XC2 PWM digital drive is a small form-factor, high-performance single-axis motor drive designed for motion control applications. All versions are compatible with the Automation 3200 motion platform utilizing the HyperWire® motion bus.

The XC2 can control brushless DC, brush DC, voice coil, or stepper motor types at up to 100 VDC operating voltage and 10 A peak current capability.

The current loop and servo-loop are closed digitally to assure the highest level of positioning accuracy and rate stability. This allows loop closure rates of up to 20 kHz and allows digital and analog I/O processing, data collection, process control, and encoder multiplication tasks in real time.

See how Automation1 Servo Drives Improve In-Position Stability.

Standard features for the XC2 include safe torque off (STO), a data array consisting of over 4 million 32-bit elements, dedicated home and end-of-travel limit inputs,
and an enhanced current sense device. Encoder support includes square-wave, sine-wave, and absolute encoders.

The standard XC2 accepts square-wave encoder feedback at rates of up to 40 million counts-per- second. Sine-wave encoders can be multiplied by up to 16,384, producing
high-resolution position feedback, with the optional encoder multiplier feature.

Quickly mount, wire, and power XC2 drives by using the Automation1 PS2 power supply.  This din rail mounted supply is configurable with 24, 48, and 96 VDC options and can be used to power up to four (4) XC2 drives.

Each single-axis XC2 PWM digital drive has an optional I/O expansion board; greatly increasing the number I/O points. This I/O board also includes a dedicated PSO output.


XC2 Specifications

Motor Style Brush, brushless, voice coil, stepper(1)
Motor Supply/Bus Voltage(2) 15-100 VDC
Control Supply 24 VDC
Peak Output Current (1sec)(3) 10 Apk
Continuous Output Current(3) 5 Apk
Digital Inputs 0 (Available with -EB1 I/O Expansion Board, see below)
Digital Outputs 0 (Available with -EB1 I/O Expansion Board, see below)
Analog Inputs 0 (Available with -EB1 I/O Expansion Board, see below)
Analog Outputs 0 (Available with -EB1 I/O Expansion Board, see below)
Position Synchronized Output (PSO) One-axis PSO and one-axis Part-Speed PSO
(Available with -EB1 I/O Expansion Board, see below)
25-Pin Motor Feedback Connector High-speed Differential Inputs (encoder sin, cos and marker)
CW and CCW Limits
Hall Effect Sensor Inputs (A, B, and C)
Analog Motor Temperature Input
Multiplier Options MX0 Option:
Primary Encoder: 40 million counts per second square-wave input.
Auxiliary Encoder: 40 million counts per second square-wave input.

MX1 Option:
Primary Encoder: 200 kHz sine-wave input, encoder multiplier up to x16,384*
Auxiliary Encoder: 40 million counts per second square-wave input

*Encoders multiplied with this input cannot be echoed out.
I/O Expansion Board (-EB1) 1x PSO connection point
8x digital inputs, optically isolated
8x digital outputs, optically isolated
1x analog inputs, 16-bit, differential, ±10 V
1x analog outputs, 16-bit, single-ended, ±10 V
Available Power Supply Automation1 PS2
Drive Array Memory 4,194,304 32-bit elements
High-Speed Data Capture Yes (50 ns latency)
Safe Torque Off (STO) Yes, SIL3/PLe/Cat 4
HyperWire Connections 2x HyperWire small form-factor pluggable (SFP) Ports
Automatic Brake Control Standard; 24 V at 1 A
Absolute Encoder Renishaw Resolute BiSS; EnDat 2.1; and EnDat 2.2
Current Loop Update Rate 20 kHz
Servo Loop Update Rate 20 kHz
Power Amplifier Bandwidth 2500 Hz maximum (software selectable)
Power Amplifier Efficiency 85-95%(5)
Minimum Load Inductance 0.1 mH
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Weight 0.54 kg (1.20 lb.)
Compliance CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive

  1. For stepper motors only, one-half of bus voltage is applied across the motor (e.g., 100 VDC supply results in 50 VDC across stepper motor)
  2. Output voltage dependent upon input voltage.
  3. Peak value of the sine wave; rms current for AC motors is 0.707 * Apk.
  4. Dependent on total output power: efficiency increases with increasing output power.


Ordering Information


XC2 XC2 PWM digital drive

Peak Current

-10 10 A Peak, 5 A cont. current (default)

Expansion Board

-EB0 No expansion board (default)
-EB1 IO expansion board


-MX0 No encoder multiplier (default)
-MX1 200 kHz x16384 multiplier (primary), no multiplier (auxiliary)


-PS01 One-Axis PSO (default; includes One-Axis Part-Speed PSO)

Note: PSO functionality is included in the base XC2. The -EB1 board is required to use PSO logic to generate an output signal.

Automation1 PS2
Automation1 PS2 Automation1 PS2 Power Supply for XC2e, XC2, and future XL2e Digital Drives
Drive Type (Required)
-D1 PS2 for XC2e and XC2 Drives
Power Output (Required)
-P1 240 Watts at 24 VDC
-P2 240 Watts at 48 VDC
-P3 480 watts at 48 VDC
-P4 480 watts at 96 VDC
Number of Axes (Required)
-AX01 1 Axis of Wiring
-AX02 2 Axis of Wiring
-AX03 3 Axis of Wiring
-AX04 4 Axis of Wiring