AGS-PROLM Large Travel Gantry


Design Features

  • 3-axis PRO225LM XY, PRO115 Z
  • Laser processing, laser sintering, optical inspection
  • 7 µm/axis accuracy
  • 1.2 m XY, 300 mm Z travel
  • Air-purge input ports to keep out metal dust

This direct-drive, large-travel XY gantry is used for laser processing, additive or subtractive manufacturing, and for optical inspection. Based on Aerotech's PRO series linear stages, the gantry provides accurate and repeatable performance that Aerotech's customers have come to expect from our products. Many travel options are available for custom size and load capabilities. Side seals and air purge features are designed to resist particulate intrusion into the gantry.


Ordering Information

PleaseCONTACT an Aerotech Application Engineer to discuss your requirements.