Aerotech Hexapods


Aerotech’s HexGen® hexapods represent the next-generation in six degree-of-freedom (DOF) positioning performance. Our ultra-precision hexapod positioners are ideal for applications in x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, and high-force device manipulation. High-load capacities, large travels, high speeds, and sub-micrometer precision mean you don't have to compromise on your application specifications.

Aerotech's HexGen hexapods are the most accurate hexapods available. Aerotech guarantees our positioning system accuracy with published specifications and performance plots provided on every system.

Powerful Controls and Software

Aerotech’s award-winning A3200 motion control software drives our hexapods. Built on years of experience in difficult kinematics applications, the A3200 controller allows simple programming and control of our hexapods in multiple user-defined coordinate systems with an intuitive interface and real-time motion visualization.

Aerotech’s free HexGen Hexapod Sizer tool provides a quick and easy way to verify motion of your hexapod design. Select from a library of standard designs or easily create your own hexapod configuration. After the hexapod configuration is selected, simulate the actual movement that you will perform in your process. No more guessing if you will have enough hexapod travel prior to purchasing or designing your system!

Aerotech also offers a Simulation API. Coppelia Robotics V-REP is an open platform for simulating automation processes. Robotic actuators, linear/rotary stages, and tooling are easily assembled in a 3D environment. Functions such as vision, gripping, and vacuum pickup are also supported. Your complete automation process can be simulated during the design phase to minimize risk and reduce startup and integration time.

See the Aerotech hexapod video.

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