Coordinated Control

Aerotech’s control technologies can coordinate and synchronize up to 32 axes of motion of any motion technology to sub-microsecond servo-loop synchronization and sub-millisecond path trajectories. This tight synchronization between all motion axes results in higher precision processing and faster process throughput.

Coordinated Control

Examples of Aerotech controller features that enable coordination and synchronization are:

Position Synchronized Output _Position Synchronized Output _Position Synchronized Output Position Synchronized Output (PSO)

Coordinate your motion with output triggering for high-speed, high-quality, and unparalled process control

Coordination Motion Coordinated Motion

Linear and circular coordinated motions are supported in all programming languages

Multi Block Lookahead Multi-block Lookahead

Anticipate sharp corners and small radius arcs and automatically limit accelerations and velocity commands

Arbitrary Path Generation Arbitrary Path Generation

Specify discrete position and time (PT) or position, velocity, and time (PVT) and the controller will interpolate to create a smooth, contiguous path

Electronic Gearing Electronic Gearing

Electronically control one axis as a simple ratio or as a complex function of another axis and fire I/O real-time during the move

Retrace Retrace

Execute motion commands in reverse order of previously executed commands

Velocity Profiling Velocity Profiling

Maintain a constant vector velocity along any prolonged path

Virtual Pivot Point Virtual Pivot Point

Program offsets based on a desired rotation point. When angular motion is commanded, the linear and rotary stages will move in order to keep the rotation point in the same position.

Coordinated -Control -Images -125-x -125_Cutter -Compensation Cutter Compensation

Adjust automatically for tool diameter effects on the motion path

Coordinated Control Images 125 X 125_Normalcy Normalcy

Maintain normalcy of a tool or part to the motion path

Velocity Blending Velocity Blending

Automatically adjust and profile the velocity, while limiting accelerations to programmed limits, without stopping