Your Challenge, Our Solution

Your Challenge Our Solution Graphics REV-02Your Challenge

You are part of a team responsible for getting your next great product or idea to market. You have a machine to design and build with a tight schedule and limited resources. You will integrate a variety of motion and automation technologies into your machine with considerable design and market risk.

You design, sell, market, and build your product. Your time is important and the challenge you have is finding the time to be an expert in all areas. There is considerable risk in overlooking something during integration, but you can’t focus all of your attention on that one task.

Our Solution

Aerotech understands your challenges. We understand that time-to-market is critical. We understand that system integration is complex but vital to a successful product launch.

What is Our Approach to Help You Solve these Problems?

Powerful Controller Capabilities Icons _Global Support Develop powerful motion technologies that enable high-accuracy and high-throughput processes
Powerful Controller Capabilities Icons _Control Technologies

Control these technologies via a unified control architecture that simplifies integration and enables all technologies to work together in tight coordination and synchronization resulting in higher throughput

Powerful Controller Capabilities Icons _Global Support Once your system is deployed, we provide global support with engineering and technical resources located in close proximity to your design, manufacturing, and production locations