CADFusion Graphical Process and Motion Development Tool


Design Features

  • AeroScript Export - Convert drawings and export machine program files for the new Automation1 Motion Controller
  • DXF/DWG Import – Import vector-based drawings
  • CAD GUI - Create new projects and work with familiar CAD tools in a familiar CAD-based interface
  • AeroBasic Export - Convert drawings and export machine program files for the A3200 Motion Controller
  • Machine Optimization - Maximize your machine throughput by using process optimization tools
  • Process Tool Management - Manage your process by using our Catalog Manager, which includes design tools for Position Synchronized Output (PSO)

Asset 1   Click on this button to download CADFusion demo software.

Recent Additions and Improvements

  • Line Hatch Patterns: You can now fill text and shapes with lines for processes that require filling operations.
  • Exploding and Grouping: Organize projects faster and easier than ever with improved functionality.
  • Optimization Choices: Aerotech optimization tool is flexible so that your process can be perfected!
  • Automation1 Support: Export machine program files for the new Automation1 controller.

About CADFusion

Aerotech’s CADFusion software enables users to quickly and easily convert DXF/DWG drawings into “AeroBasic” motion programs that can be run on a number of Aerotech control systems.

CADFusion’s graphical process and motion development environment allows advanced motion control and process integration to be developed in a graphical user interface.

A fully featured editing environment allows users to modify existing drawing objects, add new objects to an imported CAD drawing or start from scratch and create an entirely new drawing from within the application.

CADFusion offers a full suite of traditional CAD tools.

Once the part geometry has been finalized, a simple one-step “optimization” process will collect all the drawing elements into objects, set-up travel direction around the perimeter of the objects and optimize the order of execution of all objects in the drawing. If desired, the user can further optimize the order of execution through a drag-and-drop operation or by simply clicking on the shapes in the drawing in the desired order of execution.

Optimization in CADFusion offers several well documented options, allowing both flexibility and easy implementation.

Complex parts that require multiple tool types and settings are easily accommodated within CADFusion. Process-specific settings such as tool control, speed and I/O sequences can be set on a project, group/layer or individual object level.

CADFusion allows a user to integrate process tools, manage tools project-to-project, apply hatch patterns, and directly modify shapes and settings in the drawing canvas or in the Properties panel.

Advanced Aerotech programming features such as Position Synchronized Output (PSO) can be programmed from within the application through configuration dialogs with content that changes to reflect the hardware in the system.

Creating tools and patterns in CADFusion’s Catalog Manager and applying these tools to your project allows CADFusion to create all of the executable program code required to execute your program on Aerotech’s A3200 controller.

Easily add program initialization and termination code for machine setup and control. Define your motion axes and level of precision for your process, as well as many other settings.

Special code required to initiate or terminate your program can be added to a CADFusion project via command-line text or referencing an existing file.

A simple “Export” operation will generate an AeroBasic program that can be saved for later operation on an Aerotech Automation platform.

CADFusion is the advanced graphical tool you’ve been looking for to develop your process and your motion!