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Automation1 MachineApps HMI Builder for Windows PCs

Quickly develop custom, effective HMI screens for your precision machine or motion system. The Automation1 MachineApps HMI builder develops and deploys custom HMIs for machines and motion systems controlled by the Automation1 iSMC controller – bringing your brand to your machine or motion system in minutes.

Each controller can have one or several MachineApps, with each customized to a unique process or user. Use the Automation1 Studio MachineApps Workspace to develop each custom MachineApp, then activate them on the appropriate Automation1 iSMC controller. Access MachineApps via Windows using the MachineApps software application (connected to each controller's "Launchpad") or with a Windows shortcut.

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Key Features

Fast HMI Deployment

Fast HMI Deployment

MachineApps are easy to design and deploy. Predefined layouts, customizable modules, brand management features and other design tools allow even a novice to quickly configure a custom HMI.

Video Feed

Pre-Defined Layouts

Build a video feed into your HMI with a USB camera and the Camera module tool.  Capture images, add overlays and access captured images from your MachineApp.

Customizable Modules

Customizable Modules

Customize each module you add to your layout. Simply drag and drop the module, and the customization choices appear. Use these customizations to deploy the right features to your MachineApps users.

Brand Management

Brand Management

Be the headliner on your own machine or system by applying your brand style – including icons and color scheme – with MachineApps.

Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is an Automation1 feature that allows you to customize what your users can view, manage and do. Take access control to the next level by customizing what MachineApps HMI users are able to access. Show your users only what they need to see.

Easy equals fast, and fast equals profitable. Using the Automation1 MachineApps tool is an easy way to increase your machine build’s profitability – simply leverage Automation1’s powerful modular approach to deploying custom HMIs.

Each Automation1 controller can have multiple MachineApps, each accessible from the MachineApps Launchpad. Build meaningful, targeted HMIs for different users.

Design your MachineApps in the MachineApps Workspace. This workspace is an add-on tool for the Automation1 Studio application.

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