Nmark AGV High-Resolution Galvo Scanner


Aerotech's Nmark AGV-HP advanced galvanometers use innovative optical feedback technology to increase resolution to greater than 24 bits. AGV-HP series scanners may be directly driven by Aerotech's Nmark CLS galvo controller, which offers a full suite of advanced application tools including Position Synchronized Output (PSO) and Infinite Field of View (IFOV).

CLS Brochure
  • The IFOV controller feature allows seamless synchronization of galvanometer and servo motion. Long vector moves that would otherwise exceed scanner field of view are enabled by combining servo/scanner motion.
  • Fast motion with sharp direction reversals is accomplished with high dynamic scanner motion.
  • Large features (or large combinations of smaller features) may be marked continuously by interleaving scanner and linear motor stage moves.
  • Direct access to encoder feedback allows real-time laser triggering based on combined AGV (galvo) and stage positions.