Synchronized Galvo Scanner and Servo Motion Control - Nmark SSaM


The Nmark SSaM synchronized galvo scanner and motion control module for the Automation 3200 motion platform directly synchronizes the galvo and servo motion for marking parts of unlimited size and complexity in applications such as bar coding, laser engraving, and laser marking.

In the application below, the gantry and galvo scanner axes are controlled from the same program as two (not four) axes. In other words, motion commands are issued in only X and Y coordinates – Nmark partitions the motion by having the servo gantry axes accomplish slow speed, long haul moves while the galvo axes receive higher speed commands. No user interaction is required. Rather, the A3200 Nmark SSaM module divides these motion calls automatically. This coordinated control of galvo scanner and servo axes eliminates the programming overhead associated with gluing together two separate control systems, resulting in reduced implementation time and increased laser marking efficiency. As shown in the accompanying video, complex operations comprised of many small features distributed across a large area can be laser marked or engraved in a continuous fashion with a significant reduction in processing time.