Whether you are sourcing motors, drives, controls, and/or stages so that you can design a machine, system, or instrument yourself, or you are searching for a partner to provide a nearly turnkey integrated system, Aerotech is your premier motion partner. Our business is to Put Your Process in Motion.

Consider the various levels of equipment solutions we offer:

Component Solutions   Custom Motion Subsystems   Integrated Systems
Standard product solutions including motors, drives, controllers, and stages. See our Product Catalog to learn more.   Custom-engineered motion subsystems include custom positioning systems as well as granite structures, machine bases, custom feedback systems, fixturing, and isolation systems. See our Custom Motion Subsystems to learn more.   Integrated systems are nearly turnkey machines developed with you to perform your process. We will work with your team to put your process in motion. See our Integrated Systems to learn more.



Are you looking to learn more about the services we offer? Review the following topics for more information.

D&E Design and Engineering

Our engineering team is here to help you during the design phase of your next precision automation project. With expertise in many precision automation areas, there is a strong likelihood that we’ve seen it or done it before.

ATG Applied Technology Group

Our Applied Technology Group helps customers apply motion to their process. We work with you during early inception to final deployment ensuring not only a successful motion system deployment, but also a successful implementation of your process.

CSG Control Systems Group

Our Control Systems Group members are experts at putting our A3200 and Ensemble controller products to use in applications. From writing a motion program to configuring and optimizing your servo loop, we help you get the most out of your controller.

GTS Global Technical Support

Our Global Technical Support is the front-line team ensuring that you have help when you need it and where you need it. Located in all regions of the world, our GTS team is a phone call or web inquiry away. Reach out to our team today!

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We build upon our standard motion control products and a half a century of engineering custom solutions to design, manufacture, and deploy a custom motion subsystem that is exactly what you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help put your process in motion!