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Control Techniques in Laser Processing

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About the Webinar

A laser processing tool is only as good as the motion equipment underneath it. When developing a laser processing system, the motion platform’s design characteristics are a top concern, followed by advanced control techniques for breaking performance boundaries. This webinar will outline optimal design choices for a laser processing system and establish best practices for producing a robust and dynamic servo system.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify different types of motion systems used in laser processing tools and understand potential sources of error and dynamic limitations in your motion system
  2. Learn methods to evaluate your servo system’s motion performance
  3. Establish best practices for eliminating instabilities across the full range of motion
  4. Demonstrate performance gains through advanced control techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Automation equipment engineers responsible for developing custom in-house tools for applications where off-the-shelf equipment isn’t adequate
  • Anyone responsible for sourcing outside OEM equipment or who works with custom machine providers for laser processing
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Sean Hart is an applications engineer at Aerotech, Inc. For the last seven years, Sean has been working with laser additive and direct ink write customers to develop high-end motion platforms. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA with a focus in project management from Robert Morris University.