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The Impact and Mitigation of Thermal Effects in High-Precision Laser Scan Heads

Laser Focus World Webinar On Demand

About the Webinar

Laser processing applications that leverage laser scan heads are especially susceptible to errors from thermal loads. In positioning systems that leverage high-power lasers and in applications with high-duty cycles, these thermal loads can be significant, even to the point of nearing the upper limit of the scanner itself. Understanding the impact thermal loads have on the accuracy and repeatability of the scan head is critical to the success of any high-precision application.


This webinar will discuss a detailed study of thermal load’s impact on positioning precision and the tools available to mitigate such errors. It also includes examples of how properly designed laser scan heads can accommodate real-world production conditions and minimize thermal errors.


Who Should Attend

Engineers and scientists who design and specify laser scan heads for high-precision laser processing applications.


Mark Vavithes is an Applications Engineer at Aerotech, Inc. with a focus on manufacturing implementations of laser processing and light manipulation systems. His role at Aerotech enables him to work directly with customers tailoring solutions to some of their toughest machine design and automation problems. Mark received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.