The term capabilities somehow fails to fully capture Aerotech's obsession with imagining, designing and perfecting high precision, high performance motion control technology.

Customers match our Dedication to the Science of Motion with a rare kind of loyalty to Aerotech. We know that preserving such deep customer trust hinges on our ability to provide the lowest cost of ownership, highest throughput, highest accuracy and an industry-best return on investment. Learn how Aerotech delivers breakthrough improvements and lasting competitive advantage.

  • System Integrator Support

    Partner with the Best

    We seek integrators that can provide process knowledge to customers, complement our capabilities, and deliver high-performance automation control solutions to today’s demanding manufacturing applications.

  • Custom Automation

    Bring Your Machine to Life

    Your design is unique. Shouldn't your control system be, too? Aerotech’s control systems are tailored for your machine, to your specifications. Let our Control Systems Group experts bring global experience to your machine.

    Please go HERE to see our mechanical wasp in action.

  • Mechatronics/Engineering

    Superior thinking, above all, sets Aerotech's people and performance apart.

    Meeting — and often exceeding — the increasingly complex demands placed on precision motion components and systems requires novel engineering approaches and unprecedented collaboration. We apply a robust mechatronics approach — a game-changing convergence of disciplines and expertise including mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, control engineering and systems design engineering.

    Aerotech dedicates more than 100 engineers to advance cross-disciplinary innovation and provide global engineering support.

    Mechatronics in Motion

    We manufacture our own motors, drives, motion controllers and positioning stages because performance matters too much to use inferior components. This puts us in a unique position to understand all facets of a motion control system, from how to choose and tune a servo drive, to when to use brushless or brush motors, to when to use linear motors, to when to use PC-bus-based or software or stand-alone motion controllers, to when to use stages utilizing mechanical or air bearings. This wealth of motion control knowledge allows Aerotech to develop solutions to the most difficult motion and positioning challenges. It is also the reason why we continue to develop new, patented technologies that continually improve the performance of our products.

  • High Volume Manufacturing

    Aerotech is a key supplier to major automation programs for end-users, system integrators and OEMs worldwide.

    Over 12,000 square meters (130,000 ft2) of manufacturing space features climate- and particulate-controlled environments utilized for cleanroom and vacuum system fabrication and to support advanced system testing. Since 1995, Aerotech has been ISO 9001 certified, encompassing our entire operation through manufacturing.

    An advanced ERP system allows us to support a variety of customer production models including Kanban, VMI and Demand-Flow. This capability enables us to provide a rapid and flexible response in support of our customers’ production requirements.

    To satisfy our customers' needs for additional capabilities, we are in the process of expanding our Pittsburgh manufacturing facility from 12,000 square meters to 18,000 square meters. This addition will be on-line within the next few months and will meet the same, and in some cases exceed our current facility's specifications and capabilities.

  • Worldwide Field Service and Support

    Precision motion, by definition, knows no bounds or end.

    The same engineering talent behind the design of Aerotech products stands ready to support our customers long after delivery and installation. Aerotech continues to expand along with our customer base, now boasting 24/7 engineering and customer support anywhere in the world.

    We provide redundant comprehensive field service and technical support to remotely diagnose and service our products, along with a round-the-clock Global Technical Support center, or even complete on-site support. Aerotech maintains a large and growing Field Service and Support network throughout North America, at our subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and China, and in satellite field offices across the globe. Our engineers stand ready at any time to support our customers.

  • Cleanroom and Vacuum

    Skills and knowledge that can only be gained from decades of experience.

    Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

    Increased demand for super-clean motion systems required the expansion of our cleanroom. The new facility includes large system ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Federal Standard 209E Class 1000) and cell specific ISO Class 5 (Class 100) capabilities. The large active area includes pre-/post-dressing areas, dedicated product transfer and large main product assembly areas. This cleanroom expansion project demonstrates Aerotech's commitment to our customers and their needs. We will continue to advance our capabilities to meet and exceed future customer requirements.

    Aerotech has a long history of providing components and systems to the semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries. This experience has provided extensive knowledge of how to prepare stages for cleanroom use.

    In addition, our unmatched product scope and extensive engineering capabilities make us the partner of choice for vacuum-compatible motion systems. Since our inception, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest-performance motion control and positioning systems available, and our vacuum-compatible platforms are no exception. Aerotech’s precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today’s demanding vacuum applications in markets such as semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, optics fabrication and military/aerospace.

    A wide variety of standard Aerotech motion products are available in both cleanroom and vacuum-prepared versions. In addition to standard platforms, Aerotech routinely manufactures custom systems designed to meet application specific needs.

    Cleanroom Components and Systems

    The following details Aerotech’s “Best Practices” cleanroom technique. In general terms, Aerotech does the following:

    1. Use cleanroom compatible lubricants (NSK LGU grease, THK AFE-CA, etc.).

    2. Use cleanroom compatible cable management systems. Little or no use of plastic cable-carrier-style cable management.

    3. Use stainless-steel hardware.

    4. Stage surfaces are either anodized or painted.

    5. System is fully wiped-down prior to shipment and is packaged using cleanroom compatible bags.

    Aerotech does not use stage sealing belts or other devices that are known to actively generate particulates.

    The manufacturing process for cleanroom-compatible systems incorporates the following:

    1. All component-level machine parts are cleaned ultrasonically or with a lint-free cloth and reagent grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

    2. All blind holes are wiped or flushed with reagent grade IPA.

    3. Parts are dried using pressurized nitrogen. Compressed air is not used.

    4. All granite surfaces are cleaned with special granite cleaner that is specified by the manufacturer for this purpose.

    5. After final assembly the entire mechanical system is blown off with filtered, dry nitrogen and wiped down with reagent grade IPA.

    6. The system is then double-bagged with nitrogen purge.

    Please note that the final system cleanliness level will depend on customer handling procedures, system air management methods, etc.

    Vacuum Components and Systems

    All of Aerotech’s vacuum compatible motion platforms minimize pump downtime, chamber contamination and thermal issues. In addition, these systems can incorporate key application considerations like reduction of magnetic fields.

    Vacuum options available from Aerotech:

    • Low Vacuum Option (10-3 torr)
    • Standard Vacuum Option (10-6 torr)
    • High Vacuum Option (10-8 torr)

    Most Aerotech stage products are available with modifications for either low vacuum (10-3 torr) or standard vacuum (10-6 torr) use. Custom designs are available that are certified to high vacuum (10-8 torr).