Inspection Systems

Let us help you create and execute accurate motion trajectories aimed to test finished goods and materials.

Where We Can Help
Better Accuracy   Customization to Meet Your Specific Process Needs   Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Reduce machine error and improve process accuracy
  • Increase measurement repeatability
  • Hold in-position better to stabilize imaging processes
  • Purpose built mechatronic systems designed by skilled motion engineers
  • Ability to scale from components to complete machine subassemblies
  • Outsource your motion control and focus on your core technologies
  • Precision machining, assembly, electronics, and wiring experience
  • Cleanroom assembly, vacuum preparation, and metrology capabilities

Why Work With Aerotech?

At Aerotech, we understand metrology because we use it everyday. We build and test our own equipment by utilizing the same inspection processes that our customers are trying to automate. We have complete control over the software, drives, and electro-mechanical equipment that we manufacture, and we pass that control onto our customers by reducing their positioning errors and improving accuracy. Take your metrology or inspection process to new levels by working with our engineers to choose and implement equipment that will exceed your expectations.

We Are Your Single Source Motion Control Supplier

Aerotech’s expertise in component level or subsystem level solutions gives you a more reliable product and a single point of contact for all questions.

A3200-01 Control Software and Hardware

We can help you obtain better control over your process. Our low-latency high-bandwidth control hardware allows you to position your motion system with higher accuracies and greater repeatability. Our library of positioning algorithms will increase the performance of your process while reducing your time to market.

Metrology Metrology

Precision electro-mechanical systems with your error budgets in mind. We will work with you to determine a solution that fits your needs. Component offerings such as servo motors and stages. Integrated system options for more turn-key requirements.

Microscopy Microscopy

High-resolution equipment for nano-scale interrogation and inspection. We provide sample stages, optical focusing axes, and all ancillary motion required to automate the most advanced microscopy processes. Wrap it all together with one of our automation controllers to control piezoelectric, servo, and other types of motion from a single programming environment.

Surface -and -Form -Measurement Surface and Form Measurement

Inspect manufactured parts, electronics, and optics with more measurement fidelity and resolution. Complex coordinated moves are easily handled by our automation controllers allowing you to inspect complicated features and coordinate moving axes normal to the surface of a part.

Non -Destructive -Inspection Non-Destructive Inspection

Aerotech is experienced in X-Ray, CT, Ultrasonic, acoustic, magnetic, and RF inspection processes. Reduce electrical noise by utilizing our linear amplifier technology. Inspect large and complicated parts on our large scale motion platforms, or focus on small features using our air bearing motion technology.

Applications and Solutions

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Autofocus -Control -for -Sensor -Height -Adjustment Coordinated Motion Control Small Text Vacuum -Positioning

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Test -Measurement -and -Inspection Custom -Motion -System -Design -and -Manufacturing Non Contact -Displacement -Sensors -White -Paper