Test Systems

Let us help you create and execute accurate motion trajectories aimed to test finished goods and materials.

Where We Can Help
Better Motion Trajectories   Customization to Meet Your Specific Process Needs   Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Software to create and optimize your desired trajectories
  • Hardware to execute tight closed-loop feedback control
  • Frictionless motors and mechanics to physically position your devices or materials under ideal test conditions
  • Purpose-built mechatronic systems designed by skilled motion engineers
  • Ability to scale from components to complete machine subassemblies
  • Outsource your motion control and focus on your core technologies
  • Precision machining, assembly, electronics, and wiring experience
  • Cleanroom assembly, vacuum preparation, and metrology capabilities

Why Work With Aerotech?

At Aerotech, our passion has always been to help our customers advance their test processes with as much accuracy, reliability, and throughput as possible. We have been supplying the test industry with precision motion control equipment for decades. No one else understands the intricacies of electromechanical test systems the way we do. Example areas of engineering, manufacturing, and support expertise:

Electronics Testing Accelerometers Inertial Sensors (IMUs) Gyroscopes MEMS/NEMS Devices Position and Inclination Sensors Radar, LIDAR, RF Equipment
Physical Property Testing Vibration Testing Shock/Suspension Testing Fatigue Testing Hardness Testing Force Testing Tribology and Strength Testing

We Are Your Single Source Motion Control Supplier

Aerotech’s expertise in component level or subsystem level solutions gives you a more reliable product and a single point of contact for all questions.

Motion -Designer -Software Motion Designer Software

Design, import/export, and programming tools enable you to test your devices with the exact motion profile you require. Use our software and libraries to deliver a high-end user experience with powerful time saving automation features.

A3200-01 Control Hardware and Algorithms

Obtain better control over your position, velocity, and acceleration profiles. Our low-latency high-bandwidth control hardware allows you to control your motion trajectories tighter than ever before. Beyond these advantages, our library of positioning algorithms will make your test system more competitive in an open market.

Electromechanical -Positioning -Systems Electro-Mechanical Positioning Systems

High resolution, high speed positioning axes ideal for testing sensors, materials, and other devices. Extensive linear and rotary motion options depending on your payload mass, inertia, and desired move profiles. Component offerings such as servo motors and stages. Integrated subsystem options for more turn-key requirements.

Applications and Solutions

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Rate -Tables -and -Rotary -Motion -Simulators Coordinated Motion Control Small Text Vacuum -Positioning

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Test -Measurement -and -Inspection Motion -Designer -Software High -Bandwidth -Force -Control -White -Paper