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Multi-axis products for specific, high-precision applications.

High-performance specialty products designed for some of the world’s largest manufacturers and most demanding applications.

Combining precision motion and market expertise to deliver process-specific products.

We work with leaders in test and inspection, photonics and fiber optics, laser machining and more to understand their specific process needs. Then, we develop multi-axis products that precisely meet those needs and deliver superior motion.


Your applications demand rapid speed and extreme precision, so our industry solutions are built for high accuracy, high throughput and long-term reliability. We bring over 50 years of motion expertise to every industry solution.

FiberMax®HP: Proven reliability for 24/7 manufacturing.

A second-generation three- to six-axes photonics alignment platform built on Aerotech's ANT nanopositioning product line, the FiberMax®HP is designed to meet the demanding needs of critical photonics alignment in a highly automated, 24/7 production environment with no compromise in speed, accuracy or resolution.

We Know Motion

We Know Motion

Leverage our decades of motion expertise to design a solution that’s precisely tailored your process.


Industry-Leading Controllers

Synchronize components easily and speed up implementation using one controller for all motion.


Reliable Motion

Industry leaders around the world trust our products to work the first time, every time.

Tailored to Your Process

We dig deep to understand your needs and create a multi-axis product that fits your process perfectly. From our LaserTurn and VascuLathe® products, which are designed for stent cutting and tubular processing, to the photonics-aligning FiberMax®, our solutions deliver rapid speed, extreme precision and high throughput.

Tailored to Your Process-min
Save Time and Mitigate Risk-min

Save Time and Mitigate Risk

Rely on our team of motion experts to build your industry solution, so you can stay focused on production. Plus, you’ll benefit from our application-specific software features. You’ll know the final product will deliver superior motion – high speed, precision, accuracy and throughput – and be built to last.

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