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Press Release

Aerotech Releases Upgraded Automation1 Controller Platform

Now Develops Applications for PC- and Drive-based Controllers

Motion & Positioning Solutions -Motion Control PlatformsPITTSBURGH, November 1, 2021 – Aerotech Inc., a global leader in precision motion control and automation, has released version 2.0 of Automation1, the world’s most user friendly motion control platform. This upgrade brings drive-based controller support, more robust configuration and programming support features, and new drives to the platform.


“We launched Automation1 as the most user-friendly platform for precise, complex motion control because we wanted to start with best-in-class and then challenge ourselves to do even better,” said Patrick Wheeler, Aerotech’s controls product manager. “With every new release, we’re introducing capabilities and drives that improve our customers’ user experience as well as their application’s performance.”


The Automation1 2.0 motion control platform additions include:

  • Drive-Based Controller Support – The Automation1 motion controller can now be installed on a servo motor drive, delivering Automation1’s precision and power without the overhead of an industrial PC. 
  • iXC4 & iXC4e Drive-Based Motion Controllers – Featuring the complete configuration and performance capability of our XC4 and XC4e servo motor drives, respectively, the iXC4 and iXC4e can run an entire machine’s control, act as a servo drive for a single axis and control up to 11 additional axes of motion – all without a PC.
  • XI4 Servo Controller The Automation1 servo controller for analog transconductance amplifiers, the XI4 generates an analog voltage command (required by analog amplifiers to control the output current to a servo motor) and receives encoder and axis feedback signals. Two- and four-axis configurations are available.
  • Configuration Checklists – Studio application users are now guided through axis configuration with a series of checklist items, making the process faster and easier than ever. This feature bolsters the existing MachineSetup wizard.
  • More Programming Language Examples – Users can refer to an expanded set of .NET API, .C API and AeroScript examples.
  • Improved Help Documentation – Completely updated for easier use, the Automation1 Help documentation site features a new navigation menu. 

About Aerotech

Since 1970, Aerotech Inc. has been the global industry leader in precision motion control and automation. From standard positioning technologies and control systems to custom-designed automation systems, our products support research and industrial organizations worldwide. Aerotech solutions enable manufacturing, testing and inspection processes on a micrometer and nanometer scale for the world’s best-known technology companies in industries such as aerospace, consumer electronics and medical devices. 


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