Drives & Drive Racks

Drives and Drive Racks

Drive Your Process with Precision

Motion and Process ControlHigh-end servomotor drive hardware is an integral part of any Aerotech motion control platform. Aerotech’s drives do much more than provide world-class motion control performance. They also provide tools for managing and controlling precision motion control applications. Our drives contain ample memory for process control and data collection, extensive I/O points for sensor integration and operator control stations, and interfaces to standard industrial laser tools. Features like Position Synchronized Output, Autofocus, and Infinite Field of View are easy to access and deploy to your precision machine control.

Drive Types for Any Type of Motion

Powerful Technology Amplified -Left -new LayoutWhen your needs change, your controller should not. With Aerotech’s precision machine and motion control platforms, you can continue to develop with our feature-rich software and programming libraries while deploying solutions to a variety of servomotor drive technologies. Aerotech has PWM servomotor drives, linear amplifier servomotor drives, galvo scan-head drives, a hexapod drive rack with an integrated controller, piezoelectric actuator drives, and stepper motor drive interface devices.

This approach allows you and your team to deploy any motion control solution without the burden of learning a new way of developing your application.

Expandability Comes Easy

XC2-IO CloseupAerotech’s approach to I/O is simple — accessibility. Order an I/O expansion board with any of our single-axis motor drives, or with the XR3 multi-axis drive rack.

You can enjoy over 192 I/O points on a 4-axis control system! In addition to these 192 dedicated process I/O points, each drive includes the required encoder feedback inputs, end-of-travel limit inputs, home switch input, and Hall sensor inputs to control precision servomotors, stages, galvo scan-heads, or any other similar devices.

Several drives include a dedicated Position Synchronized Output (PSO), which is used to control a process tool, often an industrial laser. Aerotech’s drive hardware also includes connectivity features for industrial buses such as Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP.

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