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Build better systems faster.

Deploy better machine control and motion systems faster with the powerful and intuitive Automation1 control platform.

Complex Motion. Simple Control.

The Automation1 motion control platform makes complex motion systems simple to control.


The Machine Setup configuration tool, EasyTune motor tuning, setup Checklists and other helper modules ensure even motion control novices get setup done right.


The IDE has intelligent autocomplete, code snippets and real-time syntax error reporting - tools that satisfy the needs of today's engineers.

Tough Machine Control Challenges: Solved.

The Automation1-iSMC motion controller is built to solve your toughest precision motion and automation challenges. The controller can be deployed to a PC or motion drive. View the guide in order to decide which is right for your motion control application.

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One Motion Controller

Coordinate up to 32 axes of motion from one controller.

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A Capable Controller

Get more out of your motion. Advanced controller capabilities are easily accessed and simply deployed.

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Get There Faster

Cross the finish line first with our powerful tools and wide selection of products.

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Motion Control for Machine Builders

The HyperWire motion bus enables top motion control performance for each axis - no matter your system configuration. Take control of your process and machine automation through drive expansion board options and industrial ethernet support.

Use Better Tools. Get Better Solutions.

The Automation1 Motion Development Kit takes precision motion control to a new level of developer satisfaction. Configure your motion control system in minutes, not days, with numerous quick configuration tools. Develop in a modern IDE with the intuitive AeroScript language. Optimize your motion control system using the powerful high-resolution digital oscilloscope tool.


Choose a Powerful & Flexible Controller

The Automation1 intelligent Software-Based Machine Controller is all of these things. Not only a leader in motion control performance, it’s also accessible via the intuitive AeroScript language and controller APIs. Deployment is flexible, as the controller can be run on an industrial PC or directly on an actual motor drive.

Learn more in the Motion Control Platform Selection Guide.

Drive Any Motor or Device

Choose from a wide selection of motor drives, laser scan head controllers and third-party interface devices. Each drive includes industry-leading levels of performance with control loop execution rates, feedback sensing and control circuits designed to be first in precision motion control.

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Selected Products

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