AGV-SPO High-Performance Single Pivot-Point Galvanometer


Design Features

  • Larger field of view than traditional 2D scanners simplifies the processing of larger parts
  • Minimal spot distortion over the entire field of view minimizes processing variation for the highest quality laser-processed parts
  • Air and water cooling options provide thermal stability and improve long-term accuracy
  • Many choices of mirror surface treatments for a variety of laser wavelengths
Aerotech’s AGV-SPO single pivot-point galvanometer scanner provides an alternative to traditional two-mirror galvo scanners. Derived from the popular AGV-HPO scanner, the AGV-SPO enables a larger field of view and reduced spot distortion for critical laser micromachining applications.

Large Field of View with Minimal Spot Distortion

A unique optical design effectively controls the beam entrance pupil to be coincident for the X and Y scanner motion, increasing the effective numerical aperture of the scanner system. This design directly enables a larger field of view for a given focal length and reduces spot distortion over the entire working area. These advantages mean that the AGV-SPO is able to process larger parts faster and with greater consistency.

Design Configurations

The AGV-SPO is available with a selection of optical coatings and focusing optics to support a variety of commonly-used laser wavelengths and focal lengths. To support other needs, Aerotech can supply the AGV-SPO with customized optics and optical mounting features upon request. The AGV-SPO can be configured with air-cooled mirrors, water-cooled motors, or both. These active cooling features help to preserve working-plane accuracy in the presence of thermal disturbances caused by the laser as well as aggressive motion profiles.

Advanced Programming Features

The AGV-SPO utilizes all of Aerotech’s advanced motion and Position Synchronized Output (PSO) capabilities that have been developed for laser processing applications with traditional galvos and servo stages. Contouring functions such as Acceleration Limiting can be used to automatically reduce speeds in tight corners or small radii to minimize overshoot. The laser can be triggered based on the position feedback of the mirrors with PSO to ensure consistent spot overlap as the scanner changes speed.

Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View (IFOV) function seamlessly combines servo and scanner motion to extend the marking capability of the scanner across the entire travel range of the servo stages, eliminating stitching errors that can occur in a more traditional move-expose-repeat process.

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Mechanical Specifications

Optical Performance
Beam Aperture 14 mm
Maximum Scan Angle ±20°
Beam Displacement 35 mm
Dither (Min. Incremental Motion)(2) 0.3 µradRMS
Accuracy 50 µrad pk-pk
Repeatability(3) 0.6 µradRMS
Gain Error 0.05 mrad
Non-Linearity 0.005%
Dynamic Performance
Tracking Error 0 µsec
Peak Acceleration(4,5) 60,000 m/s2
Continuous Acceleration(4, 6) 20,000 m/s2
Positioning Speed(4) 50 m/s
Processing Speed(4, 7, 8) 5 m/s5
Jump & Settle Time, 1 mm Move(4, 9) 700 µsec
Long-Term Drift Offset 10 µrad/12 hrs
15 µrad/24 hrs
Gain 10 ppm/24 hrs
Thermal Drift Offset 20 µrad/°C
Gain 1 ppm/°C
Mechanical Specifications
Weight 5.1 kg
Material Aluminum (Black Anodize and Blue Paint)
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 20,000

1. All angles are optical unless otherwise specified
2. Without air cooling option
3. After initial 3-hour warm-up, ambient temperature variation < ±0.5 deg
4. Typical performance with f = 160mm F-Theta objective
5. Based on maximum rated current of the motor
6. Based on rated rms current of the motor with water cooling option; maximum continuous acceleration is 70% of this value without water cooling
7. Achievable with <1% velocity error over continuous velocity portion of move
8. Marking speed is dependent on allowable tracking error
9. Settled to within 1% of move distance
10. All specifications are per axis unless otherwise noted

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Brushless Direct-Drive Galvano Motor
Feedback Noncontact Rotary Encoder
Maximum Bus Voltage ±40 VDC
Limit Switches Optical Limit Switches and Software Limits
Home Switch At Center


Ordering Information

AGV-SPO High-Performance Single Pivot-Point Galvanometer Scanner, 14 mm Aperture

Wavelength of Mirror Coating (Required)

-W001 10.6 um wavelength coating
-W004 1064 nm wavelength coating
-W006 532 nm wavelength coating
-W008 355 nm wavelength coating
-W009 343 nm wavelength coating

Note: Other wavelengths available; inquire with factory.

F-Theta Lens (Optional)

-Lxx A variety of F-Theta lenses with different focal length and wavelength combinations are available; inquire with factory

Air Cooling (Optional)

Option Description
-AC Air cooling

Water Cooling (Optional)

-WC Water cooling

Performance Grade (Required)

-PL0 Standard performance grade

Integration (Required)

Aerotech offers both standard and custom integration services to help you get your system fully operational as quickly as possible. The following standard integration options are available for this system. Please consult Aerotech if you are unsure what level of integration is required, or if you desire custom integration support with your system.

-TAS Integration - Test as system
Testing, integration, and documentation of a group of components as a complete system that will be used together (ex: drive, controller, and stage). This includes parameter file generation, system tuning, and documentation of the system configuration.
-TAC Integration - Test as components
Testing and integration of individual items as discrete components that ship together. This is typically used for spare parts, replacement parts, or items that will not be used together. These components may or may not be part of a larger system.