Wafer Chucks


Design Features

  • Chucks for 200, 300, and 450 mm wafers, reticles, and flat-panel displays
  • Variety of finishes including hard coat and electroless nickel
  • 10 micron flatness (based on a standard 300 mm wafer chuck)
  • Custom designs available

To simplify system development and reduce costs, Aerotech manufactures and integrates high precision, custom engineered chucks. Custom designs include chucks for 200 and 300 mm silicon wafers, as well as other substrates such as reticles and flat-panel displays. Aerotech’s industry-leading manufacturing capabilities produce vacuum chucks with 10 µm flatness (based on a standard 300 mm wafer chuck). Leveling mechanisms and wafer load/unload devices can be integrated into the design. In addition, our experienced engineering staff can design the chuck to interface with virtually any robot arm configuration. For rapid development and high precision at reduced system cost, call on Aerotech for your integrated custom chuck solution.



Ordering Information

Please contact an Aerotech Application Engineer for ordering information on wafer chucks.