Custom Linear Motors


Design Features

  • Custom coil
  • Custom length
  • Custom cable exit
  • Custom cooling port
  • Custom track
  • Custom magnets

Aerotech has a considerable history of designing and manufacturing custom linear motors for a wide variety of customers. Because we design and manufacture our own linear motors, custom motors are second nature.

We can customize our U-channel and flat linear motors in any way you can imagine. We can change the coil winding design or length for greater or less force, re-position the thermistor or cable exit, offer a custom cooling air (port) interface, add locations for your own sensors, and shorten or lengthen the magnet track exactly according to your needs. We’ve developed designs using different types of magnets, skewed magnets, iron cores, and a wide array of different form factors. If we cannot tailor one of our existing designs to meet your needs, we can design a new motor to meet your specific application requirements.

Contact us and let us know your requirements – we’ll design a linear motor optimized for your needs.