Custom Rotary Motors


Design Features

  • Custom encoder
  • Custom housing
  • Custom winding
  • Custom flange
  • Custom shaft
  • Custom bearings
  • Custom OD/ID
  • Custom magnets

Aerotech has designed and manufactured rotary motors for over 40 years. This vast history of expertise means we can customize a motor ideally suited for your use at a very reasonable cost.

We can customize our brush, brushless, slotless, and frameless rotary motors in a multitude of ways. Let us know what you want. We’ll either customize an existing Aerotech design or come up with a “clean sheet” design to your exact specifications. Changes to the encoder, housing, winding, flange, shaft, and bearings are commonplace on brush and brushless motors, as are larger or smaller OD/ID, different windings, longer stacks, and higher strength magnets for frameless motors. We can customize rotary motor mechanical and electrical characteristics even for low-volume projects.

Contact us and let us know your requirements – we’ll design a rotary motor optimized for your needs.