AVL1000 Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive Lift Stage


Design Features

  • High load-carrying capability
  • High stiffness
  • Noncontact direct-drive
  • High accuracy
  • Integral pneumatic counterbalance
  • Easily configured with ARA1000 for multi-axis applications

Aerotech’s AVL1000 represents a significant breakthrough for applications such as flat panel display processing that require Z articulation for large payloads. Multi-axis systems with high load inertia can suffer from mechanical stability problems that limit total machine throughput. The AVL1000 eliminates this problem through a proprietary design that significantly increases stage stiffness. The AVL1000 has a wide footprint that increases stiffness by separating the bearing elements as far as possible. This design also incorporates mechanical elements that fully constrain the carriage and virtually eliminate undesired motion.

Superior Mechanical Design

The AVL1000 utilizes a wedge design mounted on high-stiffness bearings to achieve high lateral and rotational rigidity. All elements of the AVL1000 were selected to operate in a 24/7 industrial environment and, unlike screw-based vertical stages, the AVL1000 requires no maintenance and will ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Brushless Direct-Drive

To maximize positioning performance, the AVL1000 uses Aerotech’s BLM series brushless, slotless linear motor. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless direct-drive motor — no brushes to wear, no gear trains to maintain and high acceleration and high speeds. The AVL1000 is ideal for high-bandwidth autofocus applications because the motor produces no cogging force.

High Accuracy

Positioning performance is assured by using a precision linear encoder that results in 0.5 nm resolution. The motor and encoder are directly coupled together, increasing the accuracy of the stage by eliminating mechanical hysteresis.

Flexible Configurations

Aerotech also manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers, advanced controllers, as well as a full line of complementary stage systems to provide a complete, integrated package.


AVL1000 Specifications

Travel 1 mm 2 mm
Motor Type Brushless Linear Servomotor
Bus Voltage up to 160 VDC
Accuracy(2) ±1 µm
Bidirectional Repeatability ±0.25 µm
Straightness/Flatness ±1 µm
Roll 3 arc sec 6 arc sec
Pitch 3 arc sec 6 arc sec
Yaw 3 arc sec 6 arc sec
Maximum Load 50 kg (requires use of integral pneumatic counterbalance)
Moving Mass 10 kg
Wedge Ratio 20:1
Stage Mass 29 kg
Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodize Cover; Hardcoat (62 Rockwell Hardness) Tabletop

  1. Requires Aerotech controller and calibration.
  2. For inverted operation, consult factory.


Ordering Information

AVL1000 Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive Lift Stage

Travel Options (Required)

-1 1 mm travel
-2 2 mm travel

Limits (Required)

-LI1 Normally-closed limit switches
-LI2 Normally-open limit switches

Metrology (Required)

-PL1 Metrology, uncalibrated with performance plots
-PL2 Metrology, calibrated (HALAR) with performance plots

Integration (Required)

Aerotech offers both standard and custom integration services to help you get your system fully operational as quickly as possible. The following standard integration options are available for this system. Please consult Aerotech if you are unsure what level of integration is required, or if you desire custom integration support with your system.

-TAS Integration - Test as system
Testing, integration, and documentation of a group of components as a complete system that will be used together (ex: drive, controller, and stage). This includes parameter file generation, system tuning, and documentation of the system configuration.
-TAC Integration - Test as components
Testing and integration of individual items as discrete components that ship together. This is typically used for spare parts, replacement parts, or items that will not be used together. These components may or may not be part of a larger system.