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Here are some examples of how we can customize our laser scan head products and accessories to help users achieve their exacting requirements and optimize their processes.

AGV10HPO with Custom Mounting Interface

The AGV10HPO laser scan head is equipped with a special mounting interface to accommodate the user’s customized beam delivery system and external process-monitoring components.  These customizations help the user easily integrate the scan head into their system.

Modular AGV3D Three-Axis Laser Scan Head

This specialized, modular variant of our AGV3D three-axis laser scan head has been engineered for a laser trimming application and is fitted with customized optics to optimize the focused spot performance over a very specific working volume.  The special modular design allows for simplified installation and access within a space-restricted machine platform.

High-Accuracy, Thermally-Stable Beam Expander

We built this custom beam expander for a manufacturer of precision medical devices and components.  The manufacturing process required the versatility to periodically change the input beam diameter into the laser scan head, depending on the part being produced.  The challenge was to design the beam expander to maximize the beam’s stability in a thermally-varying environment.  With decades of precision motion engineering experience, users can trust Aerotech to deliver industry-leading performance, every time.

OEM-Ready Laser Scan Head

This AGV-HPO laser scan head highlights our capability to support OEMs and high-volume end users.  Configured with customized optical components to accommodate a non-standard wavelength, it also features as a custom-tailored logo plate.


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