How We Help

Handshake Build a Partnership

First and foremost, we think of our customers as partners. If you succeed, we succeed. We will work together to design, build, and support the best motion solutions for your business.

Competitive -Advantage Maintain a Competitive Advantage

Leverage your internal resources where it makes the most sense – on your machine or process. We will partner with your team to make sure the ideal motion subsystem is deployed helping you to maintain that competitive edge.

Provide -Resource -Flexibility Provide Resource Flexibility

Aerotech will work with you to scale and adjust as your business grows. We can apply many resources initially and scale back as you take on more machine responsibility, or we can start small and scale our resources with your business.

TCO Reduce Total Cost-of-Ownership

Let us focus on the precision motion subsystem and you can focus on your process and final machine integration. Leverage Aerotech’s expertise in precision motion control and automation to help reduce your overall costs.

Customize -Your -Exact -Needs Customize for Your Exact Needs

We understand that off-the-shelf solutions don’t always exist. Partner with our team to customize the motion subsystem to get exactly what is optimum for your machine or process to perform at the highest level.

Minimize -Technical -Risk Minimize Technical Risk

Rely on our expertise to help you design and build the motion subsystem that allows your machine to run flawlessly and perform at the highest levels. Our experts are here to help prior to placing an order, during the design process, and after deployment of your system. See our areas of technical expertise and custom motion subsystem examples.

Contact Us to Learn More

We build upon our standard motion control products and a half a century of engineering custom solutions to design, manufacture, and deploy a custom motion subsystem that is exactly what you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help put your process in motion!