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We have many working groups and technical experts that help to specify, design, and implement our custom motion subsystems. A brief summary of these functional groups and their role in helping you succeed is shown below.

Applications Engineering

Our Applications Engineering team consists of our front-line technical experts in a wide variety of process applications as they pertain to motion and positioning. They consist of engineers and physicists that understand how motion interacts with your process. Our team has positioning experts in laser processing, photonics, noncontact metrology, motion simulation, wafer inspection, lithography and e-beam processes, synchrotrons, and additive manufacturing. They work with you and your team to develop and define the best technical solution for your custom motion system or subsystem.

Several members of our Applications Engineering group shared further details:

Al -Ciez Al Ciez

Vice President of Engineered Solutions

“Aerotech strives to provide world-class solutions to very complex motion problems – beyond what our competitors can do – and we've demonstrated that many times over a number of years. Customers should connect with the Applications Engineering group so that we can work collaboratively on high-performing custom systems to help them meet their specific needs.”

Jacob Boe Jacob Boe

Applications Engineer

“The Applications Engineering team develops application-specific solutions for our customers, who are world leaders in their respective fields, and choose to collaborate with Aerotech because we are a world leader in the field of precision motion and automation. Clients work with Aerotech on their most difficult, highly technical problems because we speak their language and understand intimately what they do – which allows us to provide them with the best solution possible.”

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering team consists of mechanical and electrical engineers that work closely with our Applications Engineering team to perform the detailed design and analysis of your custom motion system or subsystem. They also act as the technical liaison to our production departments to ensure all technical and functional specifications are met. Our Systems team not only has motion experience, but also technical expertise in the critical subsystems of a machine that make the machine perform to the highest levels.

Meet a few members of the Systems Engineering team:

Matt -Mauer Matt Maurer

Systems Engineering Manager

“Our Systems Engineering group brings precision motion control expertise and precision automation integration to our customers. When you are faced with a difficult application we can help you to understand exactly what is needed and suggest the best solution to solve the problem. Aerotech's expertise in creating custom systems and subsystems allows us to best serve precision motion applications."

Paige Borkey Foley Paige Borkey

Systems Engineer

“As a Systems Engineer with Aerotech, I work to provide innovative custom motion systems and subsystems solutions to our customers, no matter what their goals may be. Whether it's customizing a standard product or an entire system, we consistently solve difficult and highly technical problems for our customers.”

Applied Technology Group

Our Applied Technology Group (ATG) consists of control system, software, and process experts that help you apply motion to your process. They work with your team from early in the inception of a project to the final implementation ensuring a successful process.

Introducing several experts from the Applied Technology Group:

Ron Rekowski Ron Rekowski

Vice President of Applied Technologies

“The Applied Technologies group offers customized solutions for clients needing expert application development that helps them get the most out of their current process. We interface with customers to share our technical knowledge and educate them on the most effective ways to use their Aerotech products to solve their most complex challenges.”

Jonathon -Johnson Jonathan Johnson

ATG Engineer

“As an ATG engineer at Aerotech, I provide support for customer applications after the sale all the way through to the end result. Put simply, our team does the heavy lifting that gets a customer to their end process using a solution that works effortlessly. I enjoy interfacing with customers that are passionate and have expertise in their particular industries so that I can learn and share ideas.”

Global Technical Support Group

Our Global Technical Support (GTS) Group is the front-line team ensuring that you have help when you need it. Located in all regions of the world, our GTS team is a phone call or web inquiry away. Consisting of product support engineers, service technicians, and parts specialists, the GTS team is able to help you regardless of your question or problem. Reach out to our team today!

Get to know some of the people in Global Technical Support:

Mark -Davis Mark Davis

Director, Global Technical Support

“The Global Technical Support team at Aerotech consistently assists our clients when issues arise to get them back on track and on schedule. Customers can expect to receive expert product support that allows them to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot highly technical problems. We're also here to answer any questions or concerns about how to use the equipment and provide further information about highly advanced precision motion solutions.”

Jochen Jager Jochen Jager

Operations Manager, Global Technical Support - Germany

“I help clients increase the use and value of Aerotech products by offering technical support, training, and service for everything we make in my role as Operations Manager. Our strength is that we can meet very specific and highly technical customer needs that not every supplier can fill as easily.”

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