Technical Expertise

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. All components of a machine work in unison to ensure your process is performing at the highest level. Since our inception, we have strived to be leaders in the following technical competency areas as they relate to motion system design, manufacturing, deployment, and service.

Precision -Engineering Precision Engineering

Machines and manufacturing processes follow a cause-and-effect relationship. Aerotech’s precision engineers consider all of the details of a design in order to understand this cause-and-effect relationship and, as a result, take the necessary precautions in the system design phase to ensure the desired outcome. We use deterministic design, kinematic constraint principles, and error budgeting to help design deterministic systems and subsystems that perform accurately and reliably.

Structural -Design Structural Design

The structure of your machine is vitally important to getting the highest throughput and precision. If the fixturing and machine structure are not optimized, a high-performance motion system will not perform and accuracy and throughput will not be realized. We have nearly 50 years of experience optimizing the static and dynamic stiffness of structures to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Feedback -Systems Feedback Systems

A quality feedback and metrology system design is paramount to system performance. With experience in designing encoder, interferometer, capacitive, inductive, and strain/force sensor feedback systems, our team can employ the appropriate feedback technology necessary to make your process a success.

Bearing -Systems Bearing Systems

Not all motion systems require the same type of bearing structure. Aerotech has extensive experience designing systems with rolling element, sliding, aerostatic, flexure, and magnetic bearings. Our system engineering team will work with you to ensure the bearing system selected in your custom motion subsystem provides the appropriate stiffness, load capacity, positioning repeatability, and geometric performance in the most cost-effective manner.

Mechatronics -and -Control -Systems Mechatronics and Control Systems

Mechatronic systems cover nearly all elements of a modern automation system with the control system acting as the heart of your machine. Aerotech’s engineering team includes dedicated mechatronics engineers and control systems specialists that understand the interaction between the control system and the electromechanical systems on your machine. These engineers implement and deploy custom control algorithms as necessary in order to realize the highest levels of performance in your process.

Electronics Electronics

Low-noise, high-speed electronics are key to ensuring high-precision positioning performance. Our team works tirelessly to design the analog and digital electronic systems that power your motion subsystem. Because the drive electronics, control system, and positioning mechanics are all designed by Aerotech, we can ensure the system is performing to the highest level possible.

Vibration -Isolation -and -Damping Vibration Isolation and Damping

Isolating and controlling vibrations in precision machines is necessary to control process accuracy and throughput. Our team has decades of experience implementing and installing both passive and active vibration isolation systems as well as implementing passive constrained-layer and tuned-mass damping in our systems and subsystems. We also routinely use controls and mechatronics solutions to actively damp and control unwanted vibrations in machines.

Thermal -Management Thermal Management

Temperature variation and thermal effects are some of the largest sources of error in precision machines. Aerotech’s know-how in mitigating thermal effects in the system starts with basic thermal isolation principles. External effects can be managed with micro-environments and enclosures or more cost-effectively with mechatronic solutions like ThermoComp™.

Magnetics Magnetics

Understanding the nuances of magnetic designs is key to producing the best motors and actuators. At Aerotech, that is what we do. With in-house manufacturing and motor design engineers, our team can quickly design, analyze, and prototype a custom motor or magnetic circuit. Our team also routinely designs magnetic shielding structures to minimize stray magnetic fields for processes like e-beam inspection and electron microscopy.

Optomechanics Optomechanics

From optical mounts to laser-micromachining motion systems, Aerotech motion systems have manipulated photons for nearly 50 years. With in-house expertise to analyze, design, and manufacture precision optomechanical motion systems, we are the perfect partner for your next laser micromachining or optical metrology project.

Vacuum -System -Design Vacuum System Design

In vacuum, less is more. We have over 30 years of experience designing and producing vacuum motion solutions for low-outgassing performance. With an ISO Class 6 cleanroom and ultra-high vacuum cleaning, bakeout ovens, and various vacuum instrumentation tools, we are a well-equipped partner for your vacuum motion subsystem.

Precision -Manufacturing Precision Manufacturing

At Aerotech, we strive to achieve precision in everything we do. We have been ISO9001 certified since 1995. Our in-house machine shop includes milling, turning, grinding, and EDM capabilities as well as extensive metrology equipment such as CMMs, interferometers, and many custom-built metrology instruments. We routinely work in micrometer and sub-micrometer tolerances. Our manufacturing processes result in uncompromised custom motion subsystems for our customers.

Metrology Metrology

You can only manufacture what you can measure. We have extensive experience in motion subsystem metrology. By using laser interferometers, autocollimators, capacitive sensors, machine vision, and other sensors, our dedicated metrology team is able to qualify your motion system at Aerotech or on-site to ensure it is performing up to the standards that you expect.

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