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Coordinate your laser power, pulse energy, and repetition rate with your motion system for consistent quality results and high throughput.

Advanced -Laser -Controls -Rectangular A laser can’t be successfully controlled in isolation; the motion system and laser source have to work together.

Aerotech offers the most flexible set of motion coordinated laser controls on the market, allowing for maximum process throughput with uncompromised quality.

Pulse Rate Modulation   Power and Energy Modulation   No Field of View Compromises
  • Position Sychronized Output (PSO) allows for pulsing by spatial frequency rather than temporal
  • Pulse repetition modulation can be used even with complicated machine kinematic relationships
  • Modulate the pulse energy or average power output as a function of tool point velocity for constant performance at any speed
  • Vary power output over the field of view to account for known optical distortions
  • Infinite Field of View (IFOV) allows servo to scanner coordination, unlocking an infinite work area
  • Integrated control architecture produces scanner level dynamic accuracy across full part


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