Light Manipulation Experts

Trust the experts in precision motion control to deliver the accuracy and industrial robustness you need in an opto-mechanical device.

Light -Manipulation -Experts -Rectangle Moving around a light is just as much a motion problem as it is an optical one

Aerotech was founded on servicing laser processing applications, and has applied state-of-the-art motion control and precision design to opto-mechanical products.

Excellence in Motion   Premium Optical Components   Industrial Ruggedness
  • Opto-mechanical products designed like precision machine components
  • Control the beam path as though it’s just another axis in your machine
  • Precision optics and high performance coatings to match the surrounding mechanics
  • Optical simulation, testing, and validation expertise to ensure success
  • Designs made to thrive in 24/7 production scenarios
  • Sealed, pressurized, and protected from external particulates and contaminates

Products and Solutions

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AGV-HPO-2-Axis -Scanner AGV-SPO-Single -Point -Scanner Custom Opto -Mechanical Subsystems

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