Opto-Mechanical Subsystems

Bringing Precision Bringing Precision and Industrial Robustness to Motorized Optical Devices

Aerotech is known for the high levels of precision our products provide in an industrially robust package. Now Aerotech is bringing this product philosophy to custom opto-mechanical subsystems. Rather than rely on an optics manufacturer to implement the motion critical to your beam path conditioning and manipulation, rely on the precision engineering experts at Aerotech. We understand the importance of precision light manipulation to laser processing success, and have the knowhow to advance your laser capabilities while being truly 24/7 production ready.

The Highest Performance Optical Designs Built on 40+ Years of Laser Processing Experience

You might not think of Aerotech as a company who specializes in opto-mechanics, but Aerotech has been solving unique laser processing problems for decades by designing, integrating, and coordinating custom built opto-mechanical devices into larger motion systems. Laser processing was foundational for Aerotech, and continues to be a core technological focus.

Custom Product Capabilities
  • Beam Expanders
  • Galvo Scanners
  • AOD Integration
  • Beam Conditioning Units

Amplify Your Process Amplify Your Process Control and Coordinate It With Your Machine

As always, no matter what technology is used, Aerotech’s philosophy of One Controller for All Motion expands the capabilities of your opto-mechanical device by allowing coordination across the machine platform. Synching laser beam parameters with the machine’s motion performance in real-time gives experts the utmost in process control and output quality, making the hardest applications seem easy.

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