Multi-Axis Laser Processing Subsystem


Design Features

  • A flexible platform for a combination of machining processes
  • All linear and rotational axes are mounted and aligned to a stable granite structure and steel machine base
  • Within the steel machine base are control panels for motion drives, IO devices, safety circuitry, and AC/DC power
  • An ergonomic workstation is attached to the steel weldment
  • Accurate, high-speed laser processing was enabled utilizing an Aerotech AGV galvo scanner on one of the Z axes
  • The second Z axis, which shares a split-bridge stage, carries another processing or inspection tool and can be used separately or in conjunction with the first Z axis
  • An Aerotech motion controller was used to program and command all of the position trajectories and motion related process control
  • Applications for such a flexible platform include precision machining development whether additive or subtractive, metrology and inspection, micro assembly, or laser microprocessing