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Standard and Custom Motion Solutions: 7 Factors to Consider During the Buying Process

The ultimate success of many advanced manufacturing- and inspection-related projects and processes often hinges on a high-precision motion control solution. Composed of mechanical positioning stages, control electronics and software, the motion solution represents the fundamental platform on which the entire process is based.  Defining a motion system that meets the correct technical requirements and fits…

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How to Know When Precision Motion Control is the Right Choice

For many engineers working in the automation space, programmable logic controllers, industrial ethernet communication networks and sensors are common tools of the trade. Those tools are used in motor control applications such as controlling fans, pumps and blowers using AC motors; controlling process lines via torque and velocity control with high-powered brushed DC motors; microstepping…

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Piezo Controller Thermal Stability Comparison

Piezo controller design can have a significant effect on thermal stability, causing excessive error in precision motion applications. In this technical note, we briefly describe some techniques used for controlling thermal effects and compare the thermal stability of Aerotech’s piezo control electronics with a competitive design. Thermal stability is paramount in any precision process. Thermal…

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