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Automation1 Control Systems Demonstrate Significantly Improved PID Loop Bandwidth and Motion Control Performance

Building on over 50 years of motion control expertise, the Automation1 motion control platform contains some of the highest performing drive hardware available on the market today. To demonstrate how Automation1 outperforms Aerotech’s previous generation of drive hardware products, the Automation1-XR3 was compared to the A3200 Npaq. For this comparative test, an unloaded NEMA rotary…

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Automation1 Linear Servo Drive Products Provide Industry-Leading In-Position Stability

Aerotech’s Automation1 linear amplifier products provide industry-leading in-position stability performance. The Automation1 XR3 multi-axis drive rack can be configured with up to six individual XSL3 amplifiers. The Automation1 XL2e enhanced, compact linear servo drive is a single-axis version that uses similar technology. Both the XR3 with XSL3 amplifiers and the XL2e drive use low-noise linear…

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Automation1 Motion Control Platform Improves Laser Scan System Tracking Performance

Precision laser scanning systems are characterized by their ability to perform challenging contoured motion while maintaining the desired path position. One might refer to this as the “minimal tracking error” or “minimal following error.”  Many factors are involved in delivering high-throughput, highly-accurate laser scanning systems. For simplicity, there are two main technical components that must…

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