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Automation1 Motion Control Platform Improves Laser Scan System Tracking Performance

Precision laser scanning systems are characterized by their ability to perform challenging contoured motion while maintaining the desired path position. One might refer to this as the “minimal tracking error” or “minimal following error.”  Many factors are involved in delivering high-throughput, highly-accurate laser scanning systems. For simplicity, there are two main technical components that must…

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How to Manipulate Objects in Six Degrees of Freedom with Hexapods

Hexapods are incredibly useful tools for manipulating objects in six degrees of freedom. As the name suggests, a hexapod is a robot featuring six independently controlled struts that are coordinated to move an object in six degrees of freedom. Those familiar with robotics will know that an object’s position and orientation in space can be…

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The Basics of Scanner Field of View and Strategies for Improving It

You’ve decided your process requires the speed and precision of a galvanometer-based laser scanner and you’re faced with determining which field of view your application will require. Many questions may come to mind, including: “What is a field of view?” “How will my laser and optical equipment affect my field of view?” “Which strategies exist…

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