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Aerotech’s EasyTune Advanced Autotuning Tool

When a user finds that the accuracy of a motion control application is low, such as unacceptable following error due to friction, low frequency disturbance, etc., they will normally first increase the servo loop gains to reduce the following error. Unfortunately, this “quick fix” can result in excess gains that make the system unstable. In…

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Maximizing Optical Alignment Precision by Choosing the Correct Positioning Architecture

Advancements in silicon photonics and micro-optic technologies are driving automated alignment tolerances down to nanometer levels. Misalignment between optical components in today’s photonic devices directly impacts the quality of light transmission, and only a few micrometers of misalignment can result in final device power losses of 50% or more (Figure 1). Photonic device manufacturers are…

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Nanometer Scale Industrial Automation for Optical Device Manufacturing

Manufacturers of optical devices know the importance of mature industrialized processes built around the cost savings of automation. These processes have made manufacturing optical devices economical in a number of speed and bandwidth-sensitive markets such as data communications, telecommunications, and commercial sensing. The technology that goes into these devices is constantly evolving to meet the…

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