Laser Systems

Key Industry Expertise

  • Laser Micro-Processing, Welding, Drilling, & Cutting
  • Coordinated Laser Control
  • Opto-Mechanical System Design
  • Complex Part Geometry Processing
Light -Manipulation -Experts Light Manipulation Experts

Aerotech precision performance, applied to opto-mechanics

Through years of involvement with laser processing applications, Aerotech has developed the expertise to produce the most accurate and industrially reliable opto-mechanical products on the market.

Laser Control Experts Laser Control Experts

Produce better parts faster

Aerotech’s controller platform was developed with laser processing applications as its foundation. The most flexible, interconnected, and intelligent laser+motion controller will increase your part quality and throughput capacity.

Real -World -Application -Experts Real-World Application Experts

Laser processing requires motion, so work with the motion experts

From electronics manufacturing, to medical device production and additive manufacturing, Aerotech has the knowhow to put your process in motion.

System -Level -Coordination System Level Coordination

One controller for laser and motion

Coordinating a complete system means being able to control all types of motion platforms in conjunction will all types of laser sources. Our custom engineered solutions are the best starting point on the road to quality parts.