ABL10000G Custom Linear Positioner


Design Features

  • Granite stage, stainless-steel carriage
  • 1.5 m/s, 1.5 g with 5 kg payload
  • ±5 µm flatness, straightness
  • ±5 arc-sec roll, pitch, yaw
  • Accuracy ±1 µm calibrated, ±0.6 µm repeatability
  • 35 kg load capacity
  • <40 nm in-position stability
  • 1.2 m travel stage shown
This stainless-steel carriage, linear air-bearing provides long travel, exceptional accuracy, repeatability, straightness, flatness, roll, pitch, and yaw performance for testing, optical metrology, motion simulation, and laser processing applications. The granite base provides excellent stiffness and thermal stability.


Mechanical Specifications

Positioning Travel 1200 mm
Accuracy LT Standard ±40.0 µm
HALAR(1) ±1 µm
Repeatability ±0.6 µm
Minimum Step Size 100 nm
Straightness ±5.0 µm
Flatness ±5.0 µm
Pitch ±25 µrad (±5 arc sec)
Roll ±25 µrad (±5 arc sec)
Yaw ±25 µrad (±5 arc sec)
Dynamic Maximum Speed(2) 1.5 m/s
Maximum Acceleration(2) 1.5g
Other Maximum Force (Continuous) See BLM-267-A; w/Motor Cooling
Load Capacity(3) Horizontal 35 kg
Side N/A
Operating Pressure(4)(5) 80 psi ±5 psig
Air Consumption
32-40 SLPM @ 552 kPa (1.13-1.4 SCFM @ 5.52 bar)
Moving Mass
52 kg
Stage Mass
1600 kg (bridge assembly only; no risers)
Material Granite base; steel carriage; aluminum carriage optional
Protection Some protection
  1. Available with Aerotech controllers.
  2. Speed and acceleration based on 5 kg load.
  3. Maximum load based on bearing capability. Maximum application load may be limited by acceleration requirements.
  4. To protect air bearing against under-pressure, an in-line pressure switch tied to the motion controller/amplifier ESTOP input is recommended.
  5. Air supply must be clean, dry to 0°F dew point and filtered to 0.25 µm or better; recommend nitrogen at 99.9% purity.
  6. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 25 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems is payload and workpoint dependent. Consult factory for multi-axis or non-standard applications.

  7. Note: To ensure the achievement and repeatability of the specifications over an extended period of time, environmental temperature must be controlled to within 0.25 degrees C/24 hours. If this is not possible, alternate products are available. Please consult Aerotech Sales Engineering for more information.


Ordering Information

Please CONTACT an Aerotech Application Engineer to discuss your requirements.