ATS5000HD Custom Linear Positioner


Design Features

  • 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm travel sizes
  • 685 mm square carriage
  • 910 kg load capacity
  • an be vacuum 10-6 Torr rated
  • Bellows covers to protect from particles, laser slag
  • Accuracy ±8 µm calibrated, ±50 µm uncalibrated
  • Air purge for positive air pressure
The ATS5000HD (Heavy Duty) linear ball-screw stage is a high-capacity stage with bellows waycovers that can be used for high-load motion testing, laser sintering, aerospace testing, and vacuum applications with up to a 910 kilogram load.


Mechanical Specifications

Positioning Travel 600/1000/1500 mm
Accuracy LT Standard ±40.0 µm
HALAR(1) ±1 µm
Repeatability ±0.5 µm
Straightness ±9.0 µm
Flatness ±9.0 µm
Pitch ±121 µrad (±25 arc sec)
Roll ±121 µrad (±25 arc sec)
Yaw ±121 µrad (±25 arc sec)
Dynamic Maximum Speed(2) 200 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration(2) 3g
Load Capacity(3) Axial 910 kg
Vertical 300 kg
Stage Mass
120 kg (1000 mm travel with motor)
Material Aluminum body/stage; hardcoated tabletop
  1. Available with Aerotech controllers.
  2. Speed and acceleration dependent on load.
  3. Maximum load based on bearing capability. Maximum application load may be limited by acceleration requirements.
  4. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 25 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems is payload and work-point dependent. Consult factory for multi-axis or non-standard applications.


Ordering Information

Please CONTACT an Aerotech Application Engineer to discuss your requirements.