Integrated Systems

Do you have a process that you need to automate? We will work with you to design and implement a custom turnkey automation system that performs your process. These systems not only incorporate the precision motion control components that Aerotech has always produced, but also incorporate full automation integration such as part handling, process instruments, safety elements, and custom software.

Putting Your Process in Motion

When we say the phrase “Putting Your Process in Motion," we mean this literally. You own the process recipe – the IP used to make your product. We work with you, using the precision motion components that we produce, to best automate that recipe in order for you to achieve success.

Integrated -Systems
Component Solutions   Custom Motion Subsystems   Integrated Systems
Standard product solutions including motors, drives, controllers, and stages. See our Product Catalog to learn more.   Custom-engineered motion subsystems include custom positioning systems as well as granite structures, machine bases, custom feedback systems, fixturing, and isolation systems. See our Custom Motion Subsystems to learn more.   Integrated systems are nearly turnkey machines developed with you to perform your process. We will work with your team to put your process in motion.

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We build upon our standard motion control products and a half a century of engineering custom solutions to design, manufacture, and deploy a custom motion subsystem that is exactly what you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help put your process in motion!