Motion Controllers

Precision Control for Precision Machines

Precision -Control -for -Precision -MachinesAerotech’s high-performance controller products play the lead role in delivering the high-level of success users enjoy from our motion control platforms. The A3200 software-based controller, the Ensemble multi-axis drive-based controller, and the Soloist single-axis drive-based controller each contain targeted features for the applications they solve. A detailed breakdown is available in the Motion Controller Selection Guide.

Powerful Controller Capabilities

Powerful -Controller -CapabilitiesOur controller has many powerful built-in capabilities that help you maximize performance and lessen the burden of integration and motion design.

These tools include simple integration of servo stage and galvo scan-head motion control via Infinite Field of View (IFOV). They include tightly coordinating process tool triggering with actual position using Position Synchronized Output. They also include many other advanced features such as complex kinematics, fiber alignment algorithms, advanced gantry control algorithms, precision laser control, quick servo tuning with EasyTune, and many other advanced tools to optimize your motion and process control.

One Controller for All Motion

One Controller for All MotionWhen your needs change, your development platform should not. With Aerotech’s precision machine and motion control platforms you can continue to develop with our feature-rich software and programming libraries while deploying solutions to a variety of servomotor drive technologies. Aerotech has PWM servomotor drives, linear amplifier servomotor drives, galvo scan-head drives, a hexapod drive rack with an integrated controller, piezoelectric actuator drives, and stepper motor interface devices.

Aerotech develops powerful motion and automation technologies and manages them under a unified control architecture enabling high performance and greatly simplifying integration, programming, and machine usability. Whether you are integrating servo stages, piezo actuators, hexapods, stepper motors, galvanometers, or any other motion technology, we can provide a simple yet powerful machine control solution that will save you critical development time and costs allowing you to launch your next machine faster with lower technical risk. Contact us to learn how.

Connected Automation

Modern automation solutions require connectivity. Programming libraries have traditionally been used as a way to send commands to a control via a custom user interface. They also serve as a convenient way to connect to and gather data from a controller. Aerotech’s controllers offer several controller-level and drive-level signals that allow end users to set up advanced diagnostic and prognostic systems. Aerotech’s controllers can be accessed via .NET (covers C#, Visual Basic, and Visual C++) , C, MATLAB®, and LabVIEW® programming libraries.

If information must be shared with other controllers, we can talk to them over several industrial buses such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and PROFINET.

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Aerotech is seeking talented integrators that understand the benefits of our products and can turn these benefits into an advantage for their customers. Contact us to learn how.

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