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Industry Solutions

In addition to general automation products, we design and manufacture industry-specific solutions. This library of market-focused brochures will help you find the best fit for your unique application.

Integrated Granite Motion Systems

Integrated Granite Motion (IGM) systems offer distinct benefits by incorporating fundamental motion components directly into a precision granite structure, delivering a custom-engineered solution for your unique application.

Infinite Field of View

Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View (IFOV) is a unique solution for the synchronization of linear or rotary servo axes with laser scanners. IFOV produces significant throughput improvements and eliminates stitching errors and part quality issues due to overlapped and mismatched laser processing by combining the high dynamic capabilities of galvo scanners with the travel range of servo stages.

Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions

The Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions brochure highlights Aerotech's complete lines of advanced automation controllers and software, drives, linear and rotary motors, and the benefits and features of each. An automation controller comparison chart, extensive software capabilities and examples, standard and advanced control solutions, as well as examples of motion applications are provided. This is the newest revision of the previous Integrated Automation Solutions brochure.

Integrated Automation Solutions

The Integrated Automation Solutions brochure highlights Aerotech's complete lines of advanced automation controllers and software, drives, linear and rotary motors, and the benefits and features of each. An automation controller comparison chart, extensive software capabilities and examples, standard and advanced control solutions, as well as examples of motion applications are provided. NOTE: The new English version of this brochure, Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions, is available HERE. We will continue to provide access to these earlier translated versions until the new revision has been translated.

Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection

Aerotech motion systems' unmatched precision, accuracy and durability have made us a leader in test, measurement and inspection applications across a wide array of industries. Our newest brochure presents motion capabilities and solutions in sensor testing, surface profiling, nondestructive test, semiconductor inspection and metrology, cleanroom and high-vacuum systems, and integrated automation and data acquisition.

Precision Automation for Electronics Manufacturing

Aerotech offers a wide array of products that were developed specifically for electronics manufacturing applications including dispensing, via drilling, flat panel processing, laser-direct imaging, wafer dicing, and semiconductor processes. Whatever motion control your electronics manufacturing application requires, Aerotech is the partner that can make your project a success.

Aerotech Capabilities in Big Science

Pushing the boundaries of understanding in fields like biology, chemistry, materials science, engineering, and physics increasingly requires more precise control of the highest precision experimental equipment. To enable imaging of atomic-scale structures and processes in real time, scientists need the best tools available. Aerotech offers the highest precision end-station positioning solutions for diffraction, crystallography, tomography, laminography, monochromator positioning, X-ray mirror inspection, and more.

Motion Control for Precision Manufacturing

Aerotech offers components, integrated stages, and complete motion subsystems for precision micromachining, grinding, printing, assembly, and more. From R&D to production environments, Aerotech has equipment to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics

Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics is an updated and expanded version of Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optic Device Manufacturing. This new brochure includes Aerotech's latest products including the FiberMaxHP and complete Q Series piezo nanopositioners lines, as well as additional components and systems for fiber alignment, Bragg grating and waveguide forming, pick-and-place, device assembly, die and lens bonding, laser welding, and device packaging motion systems.

Laboratory and Research Motion Product Guide

Aerotech's Laboratory and Research Motion Product Guide illustrates our R&D-quality linear and angular positioning stages, designed and ready-to-order for use on your optical table. The brochure includes micron- and nanometer-level performance positioners in X, XY, Z, lift, theta, and goniometric versions, along with motion controllers. Also included is Aerotech's new QNP-series of piezo nanopositioning stages for sub-nanometer-level performance.

Precision Automation for Additive Manufacturing, Dispensing, and Printed Electronics

Aerotech provides the precision motion necessary for the advancement of additive manufacturing processes. Material extrusion processes are optimized by using Aerotech’s high-throughput gantries and component-level solutions, while printed electronics and dispensing applications benefit from advanced multi-degree of freedom control and mechanics. Powder bed fusion and laser sintering applications benefit from Aerotech’s high-accuracy galvanometers and motion controllers, which are coupled in a way to give the end-user more feedback than any other solution on the market. Whatever motion control your additive manufacturing application requires, Aerotech is the partner that can make your project a success.

Advanced Motion Systems for Aerospace, Defense, and National Security

Aerotech’s completely updated brochure Advanced Motion Systems for Aerospace, Defense, and National Security presents components and systems for the aerospace and defense industries including laser processing, additive manufacturing, large component test and inspection, electro-optic test, rotary and linear sensor test, vacuum, pointing and tracking, inertial test motion simulators, advanced controls, and standard products.

Capabilities in Laser Processing and Micromachining

Aerotech's Laser Processing and Micromachining brochure highlights our high-performance motion solutions for laser micromachining, laser cutting, laser welding (including seam welding and hermetic seam welding), laser marking and engraving, laser drilling, laser ablation, laser cladding, and laser peening. The brochure includes advanced control capabilities such as our Position Synchronized Output feature, a wide variety of single and multi-axis linear, rotary, lift, XY tables, and goniometric positioning stages, and complete motion subsystems that can improve the performance of your laser processing and laser micromachining application.

Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing and Life Sciences

Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing and Life Sciences presents Aerotech’s unique motion products to meet the rapidly advancing automation requirements in the medical field. Application-specific optimized motion control solutions discussed include those for stent manufacturing, hermetic seam welding, IOL and contact and toric lens manufacturing, DNA sequencing, bio printing, molecular-level life sciences, oncology, and imaging.

Solutions for the Intraocular and Contact Lens Industry

This brochure presents Aerotech component and system solutions for the manufacture of high-quality IOLs and contact lenses.

Product Catalogs & Reference

Browse our collection of product catalogs and reference materials to learn more about specific product lines and accessories.


The new Automation1 Motion Developer's Kit (MDK) is Aerotech’s newest and most advanced development tool for machine & motion control. This new environment builds on powerful tools from the A3200, Ensemble, and Soloist Motion Composer Suites - but makes them easier to use than ever. Even novice developers can deploy a leading-edge motion control solution.

Piezo Nanopositioners for R&D, Manufacturing, and Test

Aerotech’s line of piezo positioning stages and industry leading control systems enable the success of your cutting-edge projects in R&D as well as manufacturing with unparalleled precision and throughput, with the lowest cost of ownership for any piezo positioners.

A New Era in Galvo Performance

Aerotech’s Nmark® AGV and Nmark® GCL scanner solution exhibits micrometer-level accuracy over the entire working area. Nmark AGV scanners are designed with high-resolution feedback devices that are thermally stable and exhibit virtually no gain or offset drift. The Nmark GCL uses advanced interpolation electronics to provide up to 26-bits of effective resolution. The AGV and GCL combine to form a high-throughput galvo scanner and servo motion solution for micromachining and marking of parts of unlimited size and complexity.


Aerotech’s new product feature, ThermoComp™, provides much needed relief from nearly all of the effects of thermal instability on the precision positioning components of a machine when using Aerotech equipment.

Who is Aerotech?

Aerotech is a manufacturer of high quality motors, drives, motion controllers, positioning stages, gantries, gimbals/optical mounts, and custom systems, and is uniquely qualified to assist you with all of your motion control and positioning needs. We provide motion control and positioning solutions for applications in semiconductor, automotive, medical, electronics, photonics, imaging, and other industries. We also manufacture custom, vacuum, and cleanroom compatible components and systems.

Nanopositioners Catalog

nano Motion Technology presents Aerotech’s nanopositioners for laboratory and industrial applications. Products include single- and dual-axis linear nanopositioners with 1 nm resolution, ±250 nm accuracy, and travels from 25 mm to 160 mm; rotary nanopositioners with 0.01 arc-second resolution, 0.005 arc-second in-position stability, and 360° continuous rotation; nanopositioning goniometers; and vertical lift and “Z” stages.

Rotary Stages: Precision in Motion

Aerotech’s rotary stages are used in industrial robots, fiber optics and photonics, vision systems, machine tools, assembly, semiconductor equipment, medical component laser machining, electronic manufacturing and other high-performance industrial automation applications. This brochure outlines our large selection of rotary stages including direct-drive models that use our own brushless rotary servomotors, as well as worm-gear-driven models.

Linear Motors Brochure

Aerotech’s brushless linear servomotors are ideal for robots, actuators, positioning stages, fiberoptics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems, and in many other industrial automation applications that require high-speed/high-accuracy motion. This brochure provides an overview of our full line of U-channel and flat brushless linear servomotors.

Cartesian Robots

Aerotech supplies Cartesian robots for many of the world’s largest manufacturers. These systems are carefully engineered to provide superior performance in a variety of applications. With our extensive line of products, Aerotech can deliver the ideal gantry customized to meet your unique application requirements. Download this brochure for an overview of Aerotech’s Cartesian gantries.

Linear Motors Application Guide

The guide discusses the history, design and application of linear motors. It includes a comparison of the different types of linear motors, linear motor benefits, commutation, specialty and custom linear motors and a quick selection guide.


Aerotech nanopositioners provide the nanometer-level linear accuracy and sub-arc-second rotary accuracy required for today’s leading research and development efforts. The exceptional performance coupled with long travel makes Aerotech nanopositioners the logical choice when involved in cutting-edge research and development as well as mass production of precision devices.

Integrated Galvo and Motion Control

Aerotech’s Nmark™ VCT and Nmark™ GRC products provide a comprehensive galvo control package for both vector and graphics based marking applications. Galvo motion and operating parameters can be controlled directly from within the Automation 3200 program space providing a single, integrated development environment for galvo and traditional linear/rotary axis applications.

Coordinated Scanner and Servo Motion

Aerotech’s Nmark™ SSaM is a synchronized scanner and motion controller supporting the industry standard XY2-100 interface. Residing on Aerotech's advanced Automation 3200 software-based motion controller's FireWire® network, the Nmark™ SSaM can be connected with any other A3200 components, including linear and PWM intelligent servo amplifiers, drive racks, and stepper motor controllers.

Motion Designer Enhanced Machine Performance Toolkit

This brochure showcases Aerotech's Motion Designer, an easy-to-use software GUI for generating or importing motion trajectories, and running and then evaluating the trajectory. Motion Designer saves high-level program development and enhances your system's performance.

Surface Measurement Motion Platform [SMP]

Advance to the next level of surface measurement technology by utilizing Aerotech's Surface Measurement Motion Platform (SMP). The SMP is a complete multi-axis motion system that is specifically designed to provide an ideal motion platform for surface measurement applications. The SMP is optimized to provide more flexibility in 2D and 3D contouring, higher precision with nanometer resolution, significantly reduced processing time and minimal footprint.

Certified Integrator

This brochure provides an overview of a Certified Integrator in Aerotech's System Integrator Program.